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(Richcity Squeez)

Richmond California Rapper Squeez,

has quite a story behind himself being  a rap artist, actor, writer/author, producer, entertainer, and talk show host/personality for podcast labeled

The Black Room (A show established to discuss the difficult issues that plagues the black community with a mix of celebrity guest in connection with the public to communicate and find resolve as a people together.) 

In addition Squeez is also the Label Owner of Richmond California Recording Label “Rich Records," And one of founding members of P. O. T. C.  Charities A non profit charity formed to give back to the people of the community, A hopeless place immersed with  people cursed with the same pain to share as one.

From being shot in the chest and multiple indictments from state and federal accusers from one of which the last resulting in a 10 year federal sentence Squeez has continued to work and dedicate himself to his craft and body of work Releasing single after single and album after album since returning home From prison.

A book written to go along with the release of his first studio album “FootPrints in The Mud”. Since retuning home from prison, Tells the story of a A raw and unapologetic street tale with a score of music designed for you to listen and read and relive the sights seen through the eyes of broken tears. 

Straight to the point ,high octane energy music, some songs will make you think about life, make you laugh, make you cry or it just might make you go out and find away to help make you take away the pain from within.

Gotham City, Its Bigger Than Me, Misery Loves Company, FootPrints In The Mud, and Sharks In the Water which is the latest studio album release by Squeez, Serious Life, Still I Rise, Portraits In The Sky and Cain the latest back to back single releases by Squeez is connected to the album “Squeez” himself calls his favorite album “Dead Roses” “One Of The Most Personal and A Pieces of My Soul I Gave” in quote from song “Jealous Hearts”, and songs like “Born loser” will leave you hanging from every word with life like images from one song to the next in this beautifully scripted musical Masterpiece. 

From love of with the expression of art through music Squeez Has worked with artist from all over the country like Legendary Rap Artist Philadelphia Pennsylvania’s own Freeway formerly of Rockafella records who boast a host of hit records with regard of east coast heavy rap legend weights Beanie Seigal, Jay-Z , Paul Wall the former Swisher House artist and One of the pioneers of the Huston rap music wave, member of the board of grammy’s also Huston Texas  “grill king” with business partner Johnny Dang “King Johnny” Is one of the biggest Stars  Houston yet to come, Bobby Valentino a local singer of Atlanta Georgia and former artist of fellow Atlanta native Ludacris the Rapper/CEO of Atlanta label “DTP” (Disturbing The Peace).

Squeez has  also worked with the many talented CEO’s/ARTIST of music in throughout the bay Bay Area and California, The Jacka, Ap-9, Fed-X members of the rap group MobFigaz, in connection to Sacramento rap legend C-Bo. JT The Bigga Figga , Mistah F. A. B. , Lee Majors, Hitta Slim, Planet Asia, also the two beautifully talented singer song writers  Netta Brielle and LenaRo “Lene” and list musical list of many more.

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“Misery Loves Company”

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